Our Story


When I brought my puppy Mars home in 2019, it wasn't long before I started researching how to ensure he was getting the best diet I could give him; and what kind of treats would incentivize him during training while benefiting his health.

It turns out the answer was simple: single-protein treats. No preservatives. No fillers. No BS, just the good stuff.

They started out being made in my kitchen to incorporate into training and they were a hit! It made training so much easier to have a high value treat that Mars was obsessed with (and not going to lie, the fact that they didn't stink was a hit with me 😂)

The name came from Mars' favourite word,  "yes!", which we used during training instead of a clicker; and with that, Yes! was born as a health-focused puppy and dog treat line that focuses on what matters most:

  • ✅ bite sized

  • ✅ high protein

  • ✅ perfect for training

  • ✅ low odour

  • & made locally in Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦



Our Ingredients 🍖

Committed to helping you give the best to your best friend, we proudly source from Canadian farms and say No! to:

  • 🚫 preservatives

  • 🚫 fillers

  • 🚫 natural flavours

  • 🚫 xylitol

  • 🚫 salt/ sugar/ spices

  • 🚫 animal "meal"

and other harmful ingredients, so we can focus on the good stuff 🙂