From someone whose dog is picky and food motivated - these treats have been a game changer!



If you could ask your dog, they'd tell you nothing tastes better than all-natural treats. That's why Yes! treats are sourced straight from Canadian farms and dehydrated into delicious, bite-sized treats with zero additives or preservatives.

We all want the best for our best friend; whether you're training them to "stay", keeping them busy with a snuffle mat or working on recall, our treats will do just the trick - no pun intended.

Usually my Bailey is so picky, but he absolutely LOVES the beef liver and starts doing tricks on his own as soon as he sees the bag!

Bailey and Scarlets' mom

Nothing but Yes! treats for my princess, she’s usually such a treat snob, but goes crazy for the chicken hearts!

Sadies' dad

Finally, a raw meat treat that doesn't smell - it’s gonna be a yes! for me

Charles' mom