your top questions, answered.

I have a puppy, what are the best training treats for them?

For puppies, you're going to want something that is high value to keep their attention and is easy to break down so they don't fill up on treats and disengage. For puppies, training or otherwise, we recommend the beef liver and chicken liver, that can easily be broken down into the best size for your pup. 

Where are the treats made?

Being based in Canada, it was important to us to source from our own backyard. We're very proud to share that 100% of our treats are sourced and made locally.

How long are the treats good for?

Our treats are dehydrated to remove over 95% of moisture, so they naturally have a long shelf life, similar to jerky. Sealed and stored in a cool place, the treats will stay good for 8 months to a year, but we recommend feeding to your pup within 4 week for the freshest taste!

Which treat is the best for my breed size?

Our treats are designed to be super versatile for all sizes (we really mean it). While they're all best suited for all sizes, if you're looking for something to easily break into even smaller pieces, go with the chicken liver or beef liver.